“Work Capacities provide a very important service with their physical capacity evaluation.  At this insurance company, we can utilize the information from Janet/Work Capacities to help our injured workers resume a more normalized lifestyle to include return to work.”

Mary S. (insurer)

“Work Capacities was very personable with my complicated case. They explained the process of the evaluation and made me feel at ease in the clinic.”

Jeanette J. (worker)

Work Capacities has been out to our trucking facility every week for over a year. They helped with our job description by providing exact measurements of the physical requirements and they also did physical ability testing as part of our hiring practice.  They work with the employees on stretching methods and provide education on back strains. It is a win-win scenario”.

Bob L. (employer)

“Work Capacities came out to my job and saw just how hard it is! Through their report and DVD, they were able to provide my doctor the information I have been trying to tell him. I got some specific therapy that got me from light duty to regular duty. I got my confidence back to be able to return to work in a warehouse!”

Jack N. (worker)

“I reach out to Dr. Rischitelli when I have especially difficult cases involving actual or alleged workplace exposures. He has in depth medical knowledge combined with analytical ability which was likely sharpened through his training in law school. The combined attributes result in a well thought out and analyzed expert medical report. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an expert medical opinion.” May 6, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Krishna B.,
hired Gary as a Doctor in 1995

“Gary Richitelli M.D., J.D. is an outstanding professional who has a broad background in occupational health and human capital management. I have worked with Dr. Rischitelli on several projects and initiatives each yielding significant results. He pays close attention to details and looks at each healthcare issue with a 360 degree view of discrimination and analysis. He is a top notch researcher, administrator, medical manager. As a speaker, he excels and consistently gets very high ratings in post-speaking evaluations.

Dr. Richitelli is a recognized leader in his field and has the respect and support of many of his peers and colleagues. I would highly recommend Gary Rischitelli as a highly qualified candidate for any heatlhcare related medical management field of employment.” May 11, 2009

Kevin M., Director, Corporate Account Management, Kevin Mead
worked with Gary at Summit Occupational Health Consultants, LLC

“Gary demonstrates high value in many areas of healthcare delivery expertise which is critical in presenting data to my customers.
He is committed to education, teaching, and developing unique strategies that meet the needs of multiple healthcare delivery channels/leadership.
He is a recognized national leader in the occupational and environmental health medicine space and I would recommend him as a consultant, speaker, or business partner.
Ted M Zaharson
Senior Regional Healthcare Policy
Allergan Inc.” June 2, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ted Z.,
hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2009

Medical Director

Liberty Northwest Insurance

“Dr. Gary Rischitelli, in his capacity as medical director, was an expert occupational medicine physician, a highly skilled medical review expert, and a personable and collegial member of our managed care team.” May 7, 2009

Rebecca B., Manager, Managed Care, Liberty Northwest Insurance
managed Gary at Liberty Northwest Insurance

“In Dr. Rischitelli’s capacity as Medical Director for Liberty Northwest Insurance Company, he performed a wide range of activities and services that significantly reduced medical expenditures and resulted in more effective medical treatment for injured workers. Our case managers found his advice educational, insightful, and effective in helping them manage their workers’ compensation claims. In doing so, he provided timely advice and feedback, and he frequently went above and beyond by being available to our staff on his personal time. His ethical convictions are beyond reproach. It’s unusual to find someone with both extraordinary technical and interpersonal skills – Dr Rischitelli has both.” December 11, 2009

Gary K., Vice President, Claims, Liberty Northwest Insurance
managed Gary indirectly at Liberty Northwest Insurance

Sam Anderson