Stretch & Flex


Let’s get moving!

Therapy done on the job site (no need to simulate tasks- worker will be doing work tasks with a job coach/ therapist)

Therapy within the home setting (to evaluate leisure tasks which could interefer with post injury healing)

Therapy within the worker’s gym setting (to enable the worker to continue with his program once treatment is complete)

Therapy at the worker’s leisure/ sports location (bike riding, skiing, running, etc)

This is a unique program to Work Capacities, LLC, only.  Our goal is to provide the injured worker with the opportunity to build strength and endurance to perform functional activities (to include regular work, activities of daily living in the home, and leisure/ sports activities).  Through this program the worker will increase their ability to perform these activities at the maximum pre-injury physical level.


  1. To provide an active, evidence based exercise format to address and improve the injured worker’s flexibility, strength and endurance specific to their pre-injury work levels. (Therapy will be performed at the work site, if possible.)
  2. To assess and job coach the injured worker at the work site, specific to their job at injury.  (Based on employer parameters.)
  3. To assess, document (videotape) and provide suggestions for home activities which may further contribute to aggravation of the worker’s accepted condition(s).
  4. To assess, document (videotape) and provide suggestions for leisure and/ or sports activities which may contribute to further aggravation of the worker’s accepted condition(s).
  5. To perform active exercise program(s) with the worker, using the worker’s own exercise facility, home gym or clinical setting.  Working with worker’s in their enviornment enables them to continue with the program of exercise progression long after treatment has terminated. 

Education and observation are major components of this program.